Prepare for your first experience with Tanzu Kubernetes in a Lab environment!

Jurgen Marckx, senior datacenter & devops consultant at Galagio, shares in this blog his first experience with Tanzu Kubernetes in a lab environment.

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vSphere with Tanzu (services) is the fastest way to start with Tanzu workloads

It’s an ideal solution if you want to get started with Kubernetes immediately as it allows you to start you app modernization journey on your existing network and storage infrastructure.

vSphere with Tanzu allows you to transform your current vSphere plantform for running Kubernetes workloads natively on the hypervisor layer. After you’ve enabled it on a vSphere cluster, vSphere with Tanzu provides the capability to run these Kubernetes workloads directly on ESXi hosts and to create upstream Kubernetes clusters within dedicated resource pools. (VMware)

When you are about to deploy VMware Tanzu in your own lab environment, it is recommended to use vlans for proper network segmentation. Note that if you are not using separate vlans during deployment, all the mac addresses that exists in a single flat Layer 2 network will lead to problems during the deployment.

During our own deployment we noticed that our supervisor cluster was healthy and running but the master from the Workload cluster failed due to the lack of separate vlans. If you are using a network infrastructure that doesn’t offer vlans, make sure to you use the latest version of vSphere 7.

We experienced that the latest version of vSphere will make sure that you succeed with the workload cluster deployment. 

  • vSphere ESXi version:  7.0.1, 17325551
  • vSphere VCSA version 7.0.1, Build:17327586

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Galagio :

Jurgen is a senior datacenter & devops consultant at Galagio. GALAGIO empowers business & IT in creating great customer based software from idea to production by helping you bridge the gap between Dev & Ops. Giving developers the power so they can create/provision software fast and with confidence while allowing your Ops to manage both your on-prem and/or public Cloud environments in a uniform way, enforcing standards & security company wide. 


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